ATM Placement Services

Customers having access to their money is the number one factor when considering a purchase.  Having an ATM machine in your retail business means customers are much more likely to make a purchase, and can mean a successful or lost sale for you. An ATM machine in your business will drive sales and increase revenue through the ATM’s surcharges.

Every time money is withdrawn from your ATM machine, the customer will pay a fee called a surcharge. ATM America can help determine the surcharge fee based on your customer base and retail location. With the surcharge providing additional income and the convenient access to money increasing your customers’ likelihood of making a purchase, you’re in good hands with ATM America’s placement services.

ATM America can help find an ATM machine placement solution for your retail establishment. We offer the full placement option of a lobby-style or through-the-wall type ATM unit, cash replenishment, and servicing of the terminal.

ATM Benefits

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